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    Jon Marinas
    Does the SugarSync app support a server environment?
    Topic posted April 27, 2011 by Jon Marinas , last edited December 29, 2011
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    Does the SugarSync app support a server environment?
    Running Windows Server2003

    Currently, I am in my 30 day trial. My continuance with this service will depend on whether SugarSync supports a Windows Server Environment. I have the app installed on my server, PC and Mac for testing purposes.  Right now non of the files in the server environment are syncing with the MAc or the PC. I opened up my firewall to pass traffic so there is no issue with that.  Any help would be appreciated.  Also as an FYI - the files in the Magic Briefcase are syncing no problem.  Though, the other folders selected on the server are not syncing.



    • Amanda, Former Community Moderator

      Hi Jon-

      We don't support running SugarSync on servers. We hear from customers who do run our product on Server 2003 systems, but some unpredictability may occur. Thanks for your question.

    • Dearg OBartuin

      while not supported i have successfully setup sugarsync to backup critical server files for a client.

      - Windows Server 2003 R2 latest Service packs and updates

      - Other machines are Dumb Terminals connecting via Remote Desktop Connection / Terminal Services (in other words the users are accessing the server resources directly, no PC's)

      Sugar Sync backs up:

      Shared Directories accross multiple office locations, for example Shared FOlder "Accounts" which hosts all things relating to the accounts department.

      Documents & Settings folders from each terminal server which is helpful for documents created and stored on the desktop

      Nightly backup, the servers also take a nightly backup using the built in NTbackup program for system state changes only. 

      Sugar sync also allows for multiple users under the business account, i basically purchase a large amount of available data and make this available to my end clients so they can manage document restores themselves.

      Ive not tested under any other server environment but everything seems ot work ok so far.