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    glconing _
    Install or move Magic Briefcase to a different hard drive?
    Topic posted March 14, 2011 by glconing _ , last edited April 30, 2012
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    Install or move Magic Briefcase to a different hard drive?
    I use C drive only for OS. I would like to install or move Magic Briefcase to D drive. Is this possible? If not, is this feature coming?

    Dropbox allows install to a diffferent drive. Is this possible with Magic Briefcase?



    • Amanda, Former Community Moderator


      The Magic Briefcase needs to remain on the drive running the OS on your computer. Since you run the OS on your C drive, it needs to remain there.

      Thanks for your question.

      • sugarsync199 _

        Can it at the very least be somewhere outside any of the directory trees Windows itself creates? And particularly not in Documents and Settings?

        • SugarSync Product Management

          We don't test this, but it should work if you move the Magic Briefcase to a new location - with these caveats:

          - The new location should be on the same drive where the Magic Briefcase was originally located

          - Do the move operation (e.g., drag the folder to the new location) when SugarSync is runnning. If this is done when SugarSync is not running, the folder will become unsynced.


      • Mark Ulyanov

        This is ridiculous.

        I have my documents on drive D: (my documents folder moved to drive d: in my documents' settings).

        Magic Briefcase resides on drive D: while the OS resides on drive C:.

        What's funny is that I have two OS's on same computer; in one of them, "My documents" is set to "D:\", Magic Briefcase is located in "D:\Magic Briefcase". On another OS of the same computer My Documents folder is set to "D:\MyDocs", and upon setup SugarSync created a Magic Briefcase there, so I now have two identical ones on the same drive.

        Haven't found a way to tell the damn thing that I have one already in the root folder of drive D:.

        It also recognized the same computer under a separate OS as a different one and I have also not found a way to tell it otherwise...

        Sugarsync for me sucks more and more:

        - when files are moved within synced folders (e.g. from a subfolder to another) they are not moved instantly as with dropbox, but are apparently removed and then re-synced from the computer completely (imagine moving a big folder)

        - upload speed suck compared to dropbox

        - android mobile app's interface is monstrous and illogical, and it creates duplicates of files\folders when syncing - fixing this on the smartphone is a monstrous task

        Actually, the only two positives about sugar synx vs dropbox are more space in a free account and ability to sync multiple folders regardless of their location. However, considering the above mentioned bugs, I'm seriously thinking of giving up on SugarSync in favor of DropBox.

      • Jason Kresge

        Apparently Dropbox allows you to put their equivalent of the Magic Briefcase on an external hard drive and allow for syncing from there. Any chance of duplicating this functionality, or is still still a tehcnical impossibility despite another company doing it?

      • kyle byrnes

        How do you go about moving the Magic Briefcase say onto the root of the drive?

      • wilwiens _

        The sooner this feature is available the better !  My OS / important program files drive is lacking space, and freeing up a few gig by moving the Magic Breifcase would be a great gain.



      • Angel CM

        So it's not possible to move Magic Sync to drive D:/ instead of C:?

      • Paul Milligan

        From what I can see happening, <Magic Briefcase> is just installed in the current <My Documents> folder. If that is in the usual Mirosoft location, that's where Magic Briefcase goes. If you have setup your machine to have <my Documents> somewhere else, then SugarSync puts it there.

        On an XP machine I just set <My Documents> to be e:\paul, then installed SugarSync and it created E:\paul\Magic Briefcase, I then created a directory <documents> inside <Magic Briefcase> then reset <My Documents> to E:\paul\Magic Briefcase\documents and I now have the magic briefcase on the E: drive and all my documents below it so that they are constantly backed up.


        • darkroast


          I moved my "My Documents" folder from my C drive to my D drive, and Magic Briefcase is i"My documents" in its new location. But when I open the Sugar Sync File Manager and then click on "manage sync folders" the magic briefcase no longer appears for this computer. Did this happen to you? If so, how did you get it to appear again? I am using Windows 7.

          My Dell laptop came with a C and a D driver. The C drive has very little room for anything but the OS, so if I can't get the Magic Briefcase onto my D drive, it is of no use to me.

          Thanks for any help you can give me.

          • JNavas

            The secret is to relocate your My Documents to your D: drive before installing SugarSync. Then when SugarSync is installed it will create your Magic Briefcase folder in My Documents on your D: drive. If you wish, you can then drag Magic Briefcase to any other location on that drive while SugarSync is running in the background. (I dragged mine to the base folder of my Windows User Profile, where My Documents is located but outside of My Documents.)

      • Jason Dye

        Hi, I have this modified setup running across 3 PC's without any issues.


        For Windows 7......

        My setup is; I have a truecrypted drive to store my work documents (X:).

        I would like to have the Magic Briefcase on my encrypted X drive incase my laptop is lost/stolen.



        Create a junction point to fake the original Magic Briefcase location.



        Close the sugarsync manager.

        Make a folder on X: called Magic Briefcase.

        Delete/Move/Rename the existing Magic Briecase folder, in my case the original folder location is "C:\Users\jason\Documents\Magic Briefcase".

        Create a junction point from "C:\Users\jason\Documents\Magic Briefcase" to "X:\Magic Briefcase".

        At the command line:

        mklink /j "c:\Users\jason\Documents\Magic Briefcase" "x:\Magic Briefcase".

        This junction point operates at the OS level and invisible to the sugarsync sugarsync still thinks the Magic Briefcase is in it's original location on the C drive.



        You MUST close Sugarsync Manager before making the changes.

        After making the changes you'll most likely need to re-share your Magic Briefcase in Sugarsync Manager.

        This may break future versions of Sugarsync, but it's good for build

        The target junction point can be ANY folder name - eg. X:\Sugarsync or D:\Docs\Fred.

        The source junction point must be in the original Sugarsync Magic Briefcase folder path.



        Good luck!

      • Pál Nagy

         Hi Jason!

        Good solution, well done.You are the new employe of Sugarsync. :-)

        Paul from HUN

      • Jason Dye

        thanks, I'll look forward to the pay cheque in the mail :-)

      • Paulo Fialho

        Hi Jason,

        As I always have been told: Everyday you learn something new


      • Vitaliy K

        It's easy: just exit SS manager, delete Magic Briefcase, start manager. You'll be told that MB is missing, and in Manage Sync Folders you can Sync it to any location you want.

        • Stanley Davenport
          Sounds like I'm late the party with my comments on this very obvious shortcoming. I have 10TB of storage on my PC, but boot from a 270Mb SSD RAID Array. No room there for the mountain of files I want to sync to MB. Good heavens, this just seems like motherhood and apple pie. Vitaliy, I'd love to implement your "easy" solution, but it is vague and mysterious. Sync what "to any location you want"? How about a step-by-step if this really works.
          • Vitaliy K
            Hi Stanley, I'll try to make it more clear this time. 1. When you install SS fresh on your computer, don't start it, or just don't let it sync the files. To do this, just quit the application. Even if it synced some files to the default MB folder - doesn't matter. 2. When the SS is closed: delete the whole MB folder in its location (not the shortcut on the desktop). 3. Next, when it's deleted, create folder called MB or whatever you want on your 10Tb HDD. 4. Start SS manager. 5. The message will appear that your MB is missing and you'll be prompted to specify location of this folder. At this moment you're free to specify the folder you created. 6. Click OK or Sync, or whatever button approves your choice. 7. MB will start syncing files to your new location. Hope that's more clear and will help you. At least that was the way I've done it on Win7 PC. Vitaliy
            • Roberto A

              Thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for. As it turned out, even without a fresh install the process went off without a hitch. I just copied the existing MB folder to another drive, quit sugarsync 2.x, then deleted the original on my OS hd. Started Sugarsync again, it pointed to the error, and I simply merged to the new folder. Seems like it's all fine, now.


              Thanks again!