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    Timothy Munro
    Login Screen
    Topic posted May 1, 2011 by Timothy Munro , last edited December 29, 2011
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    Login Screen
    Every time I start my computer the Sugarsync Login screen shows. Should this vbe happening?

    Unless I log in each time my files aren't synced.

    The login screen says "Do you want to restore the Sync folders that were selected in the previous installaion?" Yes / No

    It then copies different versions of the files back to my computer.




    • Timothy Munro

       So much for Sugarsync support and everyone from the CEO to the cleaner checking the forums - no help for me so far!

    • Amanda, Former Community Moderator

      Hi Timothy-

      I apologize for not responding to your post quicker.

      What you're experiencing shouldn't happen. It's an issue we've recently become aware of. I've created a ticket for you; our support engineer will be in touch once we have some troubleshooting steps established.

      Moving forward, the best way to get help is to open a support ticket. Although I do monitor the forums along with other SugarSync employees, our tech support team's only focus is on customer issues.

      Thank you!

      • gwilliamhouse _

        I have the same thing happening, and it's been happening for at least a month. I have SS installed on two computers. One works just fine, I can reboot and and SS automatically starts right up.  The 2nd computer I have to login each time and it asks me the same questions also. Kinda  a pain.

    • Max Myakishev-Rempel

      Same happened to me. For the last two months, since  May, all of my 4 synked PCs (vista and windows 7) keep forgeting their login info and prompt for the login email and password after every restart.

      I keep installing Sugarsync updates and this doesn't help. 

      Sugarsync support, Please issue a support ticket for me as well.


    • Jack Tendzin

      i am having excatly same problem. i am using a mac with Lion system. it was fine for a month and then doing this strange thing. It seems there is no any solution to this. Can anyone help? thanks. jack

      • Max Myakishev-Rempel

        It was on several computers with Vista and Windows 7. My solution was to uninsall sugarsync completely, going to its folder and deleting remaining files. I think... It was some time ago. After that the problem sort of faded away... It wasn't a complete solution, but after a while it stopped asking me every time to login and to specify the folders to sync.

        • Jack Tendzin

          Thansk. I removed it from mac app folder and reinstalled it, it did not work. I thought maybe that did not clean the file very well. I used mac app cleaner, a tool that can do better job. I downloaded ss again and installed it. Same problem still exists. I think it may not be our problem, but the server's problem. I am almost giving up. I did all I can do. Thanks any way. 

          • Max Myakishev-Rempel

            Their tech support seems to be active. Maybe they can help. 

            I don't see any advantage of Sugarsync over Dropbox, Syncplicity and SpyderOak except it does great job in syncing my android phone to their server and my PCs. That is why I was persistent fixing it. For other things I use primarily Dropbox. I also use Syncplicity to copy large folders between computers - I turn on synchronization for a while, and disable it when the move is over.

            Check also Syncdocs and CrashPlan.

    • Admin


      I see an earlier chat incident from you on this so I've asked one of our support team to provide you with additional instructions.

      I don't see that you've sent your log files as the chat agent requested.  It's an important step because if the additional instructions solve the problem, without your logs, we will be no further ahead in understanding what caused this.

      Unfortuantely, we're unable to reproduce this in any of our QA environments or in production on our own machines.  We don't have many affected customers and of the people reporting this issue, very few are Mac users.

      We've provided instructions and haven't heard back from any of them as to whether or not the solution worked.  It's as frustrating for us as it is for our customers when we can't solve issues.

      Hoping to hear back from you on your results.

      • Jack Tendzin

        Thanks. I received your email help. the approach you recomended worked very well. I highly suggest it to users who use mac and have the same login issue:

        Part A steps:

        1. Open a terminal window.
        2. Run the command: defaults read ~/Library/Preferences/com.sharpcast.SugarSync
        3. Look for a line that looks like this: "General.DeleteAppData" = 1;
        4. If it's present, run this command: defaults delete ~/Library/Preferences/com.sharpcast.SugarSync General.DeleteAppData
        5. This will fix the problem.
        • Z-Matrix

          Hi Jack,

          i only have the following. Have you got any advice ? :

          "AppPrefs.WindowHeight" = 707;

              "AppPrefs.WindowWidth" = 360;

              "Connection.ThrottlePercent" = 100;

              "General.AccountCreationTime" = "-1";

              "General.DefaultSyncFolderPath" = "/Users/xxxxx/Documents/Magic Briefcase";

              "General.DeletedQuotaWarningShowCount" = 0;

              "General.Language" = "en_us";

              "General.LastBulletinDisplayTime" = 1382547832;

              "General.LastDeletedQuotaWarning" = 0;

              "General.MagicBriefcaseShortcutsCreated" = 1;

              "General.NewUserUpgradeLink" = "";

              "General.NewUserUpgradeOfferDelay" = 0;

              "General.NextLowUsageToastTime" = 1383262563;

              "General.OverlayAlertStatus" = 0;

              "General.QuotaAlertUpgradeLink" = "";

              "General.QuotaAlertUpgradeOfferDelay" = 0;

              "General.QuotaUsageHighSince" = "-1";

              "General.SetupCompleted" = 1;

              "General.SetupInitiated" = 1;

              "General.ShowShutdownWarning" = 0;

              "General.UpgradeAlertBtnText" = "";

              "General.UpgradeAlertMinimizedText" = "";

              "General.UpgradeAlertText" = "";





    • Alexandru Cosmin Mocanu

      I hope it's not very late for my post.

      I use to have the same problems on a Windows 7 64bit. Every time when i was starting the PC the SugarSync Login screen appear and asking for username and password and then the SugarSync restore procedure.

      I have also SugarSync on a Windows XP SP3 32bit and i every time the PC startup the SygarSync login automaticaly.

      The solution i found when i look into the system registry.

      The initial configuration of the registry after SugarSync instalation:

      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


      To solve the problem it's enough to do only one of the following:

      - change the value of the DeleteAppData from true to false

      - delete the KEY DeleteAppData


      After this change, when i startup the PC the SugarSync login automatically.
    • Matt Graff

      the post from Alexandru Cosmin Mocanu worked for me...I did not even delete the KEY DeleteAppData...I just changed the value of the DeleteAppData from true to false and rebooted. Thanks!

    • Henno Putto

      Thanks  Alexandru Cosmin Mocanu , your method worked for me too. Just like Matt Graf, I changed the value of the DeleteAppData from true to false and rebooted and SS starts without asking for e-mail and password.

      Too bad that this User Forum comes up with a solution that SS-Support doesn't know about. The only thing they came up with is to set the indicator to auto-start in SS-settings, which doesn't resolve the issue. Dead silence from them since then.

      It's about time SS publishes a User Manual that explains options and internal workings of SS. Scary to realize that all my data depends on an application that hasn't documented details of operations and options.

      Am anxiously awaiting SS advice how to resolve non-autostarting SS. Looks like their support doesn't have a clue.


    • Henno Putto

      Thanks Jerry for answering.

      I *did* raise a ticket (March 16), and received as reply to set the indicator to auto-start in SS-settings, which is besides the issue (the indicator *was* already set. Moreover, the main problem was that SS asked for e-mail and password each time it.  is run manually.

      Was *very* surprised that this forum addresses this very problem and that Alexander as early as July 18 a) identified the cause of the problem and b) provides a simple solution. I'd wish that SS-support had provided similar advice.

      I must say that this morning - after I resolved the issue, using Alexander's guidelines - support provided a reg fix that deletes the reg-KEY DeleteAppData, just as Alexander recommends.


      Remains that SS is poorly documented, which is unacceptable for an application that keeps vital data, and where an error may wipe=out all data on all synced machines.

      I'd wish - and strongly recommend - that SS publishes a comprehensive user manual soon. It should include the REG details, as described by Alexander. The REG fix that  I received this morning, should go into FAQ

    • CJWEB

      Alexanndru's fix worked for me too. Thank you kind sir - I salute you!

      My Sugar Sync got confused so I performed a reset. After that I kept having to login and also SS was chewing up crazy amounts of memory and eventually crashing.

      When editing the registry, my DeleteAppData key was already set to false  so I just deleted it, saved and restarted.

      Now no more repeat logins and memory usage is back to normal.

      Thanks again to the SS community.