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    Assign Drive Letter to SugarSync storage space
    Topic posted November 9, 2010 by eidam02 _ , last edited March 13, 2012
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    Assign Drive Letter to SugarSync storage space
    Using part of SugarSync as a network drive to use storage space more efficiently


    I would like to be able to assign a drive letter (or network path) to a part of my SugarSync storage space. I dislike the Webarchive as it is because it does not allow for easy access to the files stored therein. And the Magic Briefcase uses up Cloud as well as local harddrive space, which is good for syncing, but bad for my small HD.

    E.g. there would be an additional drive in MyComputer that says S:\ (for SugarSync) with a few GB of space.

    I'd like to know if there are plans to introduce this feature in the near future.

    Thanks for your response.



    • Domingo Mihovilovic, Former VP Engineering

      Yes, this is a common request and an item already present in our product roadmap. In the mean time the easiest way to move files and folders into SugarSync is via the SugarSync File Manager. You can for example simply drag and drop a folder and a file into the Web Archive.

      • fscheps _

        This can be really usefull, take a look at Zumodrive, I like its simple functionality, but I love the way SugarSync works. Hope we can see this drive mapping functionality very soon :)

    • Stephen Gay

      Yes, I need the ability to mount a drive to use up my sugarsync storage space.  Right now, I have to have duplicates of all files on all computers.  It isn't efficient and duplicates the amount of space that I need on sugar sync.  If sugarsync doesn't add this soon, I will be moving to another service that does.

    • Domingo Mihovilovic, Former VP Engineering

      Stephen, I do not fully understand your comment about duplicate files.

      If you have a folder synced across multiple computers (any number of them), only the copy of the folder in the cloud counts towards your quota.

      If you want ot have data only in the cloud, you can place those files/folders in the Web Archive that is a cloud only folder that is not synced to any local folder.

    • Jeff Bertman

      What Stephen meant by "have to have DUPLICATES of all files" (everyone has the same problem):  It's NICE that SugarSync has the Web Archive so we do *not* have to have all files synced across all our PCs... BUT without being able to assign a DRIVE LETTER to the Web Archive, we must put certain folders/files into the SYNC bucket and therefore end up with Duplicates consuming space across all our PCs, taking time and network bandwidth needlessy syncing them since we really want them just in one place (on the cloud).  Correct me if I'm off base here.  I want the same thing -- a DRIVE LETTER for the WEB ARCHIVE :-).

      • Amanda, Former Community Moderator

        Hi Jeff-

        If you're experiencing a large number of duplicates, please open a support ticket so we can help solve that problem.

        We don't have a schedule for a feature allowing customers to assign a drive letter to the Web Archive. We should, however, be able to fix the duplications. Thank you!

    • Joe Smith

      Is this feature still on the roadmap? If so, when can it be expected?

    • Iven Foxx


      Show us your plans...

    • Daniel Studer

      Yes indeed, the possibility to mount the cloud as a network drive outside the sugar sync manager would simplify my daily work as well. I hope such a feature will be coming soon.

    • Justin McCarthy

      Assigning a local drive letter to my SugarSync storage space would go a long way toward helping me mothball my NAS.  This feature is entirely necessary for users (like me) who want to point a Sonos system at a music share.  I would love to do this through SugarSync rather than my NAS.

      Another idea I wanted to get out there would be finding a way to make SugarSync storage space visible as a media server to devices like Sonos and the PS3, etc.

      Keep the innovation coming, please!


    • David Morris

      Bump.  Any idea on the roadmap progress?

      This is the major feature I miss from Wuala and some of your other competitors.  When Wuala cancelled their trading feature I dropped them completely and paid for a year of SugarSync, but I'm having regrets now.  Wuala's drive letter was awesome and worked extremely well across all platforms that I tried it on.  The ability to have a cloud "drive" is an absolute requirement for me.  If it's not implemented by the time my renewal is due, I don't think I can stay with SS despite my liking most other things about it.

    • TonyG



      Any update on this feature?? 

    • markus blomqvist


    • Piermario Clara

      Is this feature planned in Release 2?

      Thanks for your attention.

    • solsol

      This is an absolute necessity. Sugarsync will not work in our environment wihtout the ability to assign a drive letter.

    • David Morris

      Looks like they've listened to us!  If you've not yet checked out the Beta 2.0 client, do so.  Drive letter support is now standard.  After installing 2.0, I now have an S: drive mapped to SugarSync, providing access to all of my synced folders through the drive letter.

    • solsol

      I don't believe that there is a way to assign this to a drive of our choice. Sugarsync looks for S and when it is not avaialble, assigns to another available letter. On one machine here, it grabbed E, which is already assigned to portable drives.

      • David Morris

        Ah, I suppose that is a problem for some.  They definitely need to go the distance with this feature and make the drive letter user-defined.  But otherwise it's a great step in the right direction.