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    Android Honeycomb Develpement
    Topic posted March 26, 2011 by Marrow , last edited December 29, 2011
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    Android Honeycomb Develpement
    Are their plans to update/optimize Sugarsync's Android app for Honeycomb?

    I was wondering if there were any plans to update/optimize Sugarsync's Android app and widget for Honeycomb.  I think Honeycomb offers some great widget options to allow people to view and manage their sugarsync files.




    • Peter Teunissen

      I would like to know this as well. At the moment there is already a competitor who has a honeycomb application which looks really good.

      It's also necessary because it crashes a lot during sync. I've read about that you should cut the files in separate sync folders but that's no real solution. Can't sugar sync just change the way/amount of files it syncs so it won't have any problems? 

      Also during sync the notification says for example that it's uploading 20 of 150 and when i open the transfer status from the application the list is sometimes empty.

    • Product Management SugarSync

      Hi Peter & Marrow, 

      Thanks very much for your comments.

      In terms of optimizing for Honeycomb, we don't have plans to optimize the app for Honeycomb. Sorry to disappoint. That said, this may change in the future, but I just wanted to be honest as far as our near-term (which I define as until the end of 2011) Android roadmap goes.

      Peter, I am not aware of the issue of the notification pointing to an empty file transfer status. Would you mind sending a note to our support team so we can track this down? You can do it here:

      Thanks, Rick (SugarSync Product Manager)