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    Loren Watts
    SugarSync for Linux
    Topic posted October 2, 2010 by Loren Watts , last edited May 12, 2012
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    SugarSync for Linux
    When will SugarSync be available for the Linux Operating System

    When will SugarSync be available for the Linux Operating System?


    • Admin

      Okay - for all you Linux devotees - we have news that we're very excited to share.

      A Linux client for SugarSync is under development by Mark Willis, a third-party developer.  You can learn more about the project and its status by going to Mark's site.


      9/14/2011 update:  Mark posted that his new job is taking time from this effort and therefore, his work on a Linux client for SugarSync appears to have stopped.  We do not have any plans for developing a Linux client at this time.

      • leeard _

        Are you not planning to support a Linux client?  A third party is good, but we all know that's not full support.  Please bring in a fully supported official Linux client.  You guys have some awesome features and I really want to have them on my Linux desktops as well.  I'm a QA automation engineer and would even be willing to do some testing.  Thanks for a rockin product, I'm excited to try it out. 

      • Michael Bailey

        Ahh, the irony....

        SugarSync is an awesome product -- I love it.  It's been seamless and extremely helpful in shuffling files around, and I've recommended the service to several friends.  For me, it's definitely the best, most flexible service out there.

        But Windows has become far too cumbersome, and I keep fighting off the update clutter that's taking up valuable space on my SSD.  Long-story-short: I've had it with Windows, and I'm ready to finally make the switch to Ubuntu, which I've appreciated for years....

        But no SugarSync support?  Really?  Tired, frustrated Windows users only have Mac as a platform alternative?  That's too bad... and it seems, given that SugarSync does EVERYTHING ELSE -- and does it very well -- to be a very short-sighted decision.

        Reading through this forum, I'm really surprised that SugarSync hasn't been more supportive of filling in the ONE GAP in their service -- a native client for Linux.  It's almost as if they're holding out just to piss people off... which is unfortunate, because that's what's happening.

        Sadly, because I need the seamless cloud storage backup, and because I don't think I can take Windows 7 much longer, I'll be switching to Ubuntu and going with... Spideroak, I guess.  (Thanks to the recommendations and descussions on this page.)

        I hope that SugarSync staffers read this and realize that you've got some customers who are really enthusiastic about your product, but who are being forced to alternative services because... you simply don't want to develop a Linux client?

        Again, that's too bad... for all of us.

      • Javakias Javakias

        You spent all this money to develop all mobile platforms and left out Linux? This isn't serious decision...

      • Paul Gastwirth

        I, too, am disappointed in the lack of an Ubuntu client. However, until one comes along, I am using Ubuntu One and it is workable without too much effort.

      • Jaume Selva Morell

        That's a pity. I think Sugarsync with Linux suppor would be perfect.

      • john watts
         "We do not have any plans for developing a Linux client at this time." That's unfortunate. I was really interested in your product. I'm a systems admin for a large manufacturing company with employees and offices throughout the US and abroad. I was in the market for some sort of solution to connect our employees to a central repository of information, and to make backups of their critical files. My mobile sales force would have been able to take advantage of your product, but if we can't integrate our linux machines as well as our Windows boxen and Macs plus all our smartphones, then I guess I'll look at Dropbox... Hope you change your mind about linux integration. I would be willing to give SugarSync another look in the future. As it stands, I can't use it.
    • Mark Willis

      Good Morning,

      I have bee talking with another developer who is interested in helping with the project so some major progress should be happening soon.

      BTW: I like the new forum.


    • Admin

      Mark, good news and thanks so much for your positive comments on the community - we really like it too!  Smile

    • billypon _

      Mark, I'm waiting for your project, when will it be done?

      I tried to use the mutt to send mails to SugarSync, it was successful.

      But, after that, my system broke down, so I reinstalled it.

      Recently, I retried to use the mutt, I failed.

      The mutt might not work, I recieved nothing.

    • windsphere _

      I was able to get SugarSync to work on Wine.  Download the Windows version.  Right click on SugarSync Manager and go to properties.  Press the Permission tab.  tic the box "Allow executing file as program".  Right click on SugarSync Manager and click on open using wine. Click on express.  When you open up Documents you need to open that folder and look down to find another folder called Documents (that is you true Document Folder).  I am still waiting for the Real .deb install.

    • victoriagracia _

      Even if a client running on wine is good news, I'm into linux to avoid all windows related software, so a specific client for linux is welcome :)

      While the client is not ready, just browser integration... certainly Dropbox gives me more flexibility (as far as they already have developed the linux client)

      • paulovideira _

        The same here. I run Ubuntu and Mandriva on several computers, and I've just started using Dropbox with Ubuntu. Perfect fit. SugarSync is behind on this.

    • Shebli Anvar

      I run SugarSync on Windows 7 64-bits. I noticed during the install that SugarSync uses Qt DLLs, so I guess it was developed in C++ with Qt, which is good news because in that case, at least porting the GUI part to Linux should be straightforward.

      I wonder what framework was used for the networking/distributed app part... ZeroC's Ice ? Some SOAP thing ? Or is it a trade secret ;-)


    • jabastien _

      Why cant SugarSync invest on a Linux client. In my opinion, an open client should come from SugarSync first then the community will invest time and effort on it.

    • dado023 _

      i completly agree.

      I created a thread regarding linux client( and they redirected me here.

      It is a sad shame SugarSync wont support linux.

    • op_

      Also desperately waiting on a Linux client Cool

    • annabitanga _

      Hmm. Call me back when you have Linux support like Dropbox does. For now, I'm going to just stick with them.

    • Mark Willis

      Good Evening All,

      I have an update for you.

      I have uploaded the alpha version of my linux client now (details are here:

      There is still some functionality missing, but want to get this out there to get some feedback mainly and to let people know there is progress, i'm just a busy man.

      All comments welcome


    • victoriagracia _

      Easy for me to give my feedback: as far as I'm not into linux cause I'm a geek, if there is no .rpm to have a smooth and painless instalation on my fedora distribution, I'm not able to run it (sad, but true)

    • Dan Vega

      Thanks, Mark.  I will give it a try.

    • jnb4 _

      This is for me THE missing feature to make me upgrade my account.

      By the way, I think Sugarsync should invest the money to implement it in-house.