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    Joe Rodriguez
    SugarSync Upload/Download via FTP
    Topic posted August 29, 2012 by Joe Rodriguez 
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    SugarSync Upload/Download via FTP
    Can files be uploaded to SugarSync account via FTP client?

    I find SugarSync to be great. However, I find it limiting in not being able to use an FTP client to upload or download files. Does SugarSync work with FTP?  I've found no documentation stating that it does, and no direct answers to questions about being able to use FTP.  Having FTP support will truly make the files accessible from many other platforms.  If this is not a capability today, I do hope it is added as a feature in the near future.




    • David Stancil

      I agree.  It would be particularly helpful to be able to FTP large files (such as backup archives) to the Web Archive.

    • Robert Schultz

      Id like to be able to make a few of my folders FTP accessible so I can download the files necessary from my own set of files when working on another computer or server at a clients office.  I create templates and site specific setup files at my office and then I sometimes need access to these when I'm on someone elses computer.  If I could just go to a single FTP location and push files back and forth from SugarSync based on folders that I allow this access on then it would make my life much easier.

    • Henry Peyret

      I would enjoy to use Sugarsync through FTP. For example my video IP camera can store remotely files on motion detection through FTP. That would be great to do that.

    • Benjamin Couch

      Oh for heaven's sake!  No webdav, no ftp...  Come on, this is fundamental stuff.  Do you guys even have a development team?

    • chris sowerby

      am also looking for this feature. Has any one figured out a work around or some other software? I have plesk server backups that i need backing up every month. 

      Would be stupid to create my own ftp server on my computer only to put my backup, back up to sugarsync 's cloud. Thats a lot of wasted bandwidth! especially on my 1 mega bit upload speed.

      server to server FTP is more efficient.

      I think developers or people with more advanced knowledge (FTP) are not really the target audience of sugarsync so we will have to go look around for a better solution?

      I guess sugarsync dont want us to overload there service with scheduled backups as there infrastructure will cripple faster and it might not make buissness scene but to that i say let us pay more and yes i would love to! if it works for my needs.

      So any plans in the future to support this?

      Should i look for another backup solution?

      If not then why?