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    Bart Bremmers
    Local Settings\Application Data is almost 2 gig!
    Topic posted May 23, 2011 by Bart Bremmers , last edited February 23, 2012
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    Local Settings\Application Data is almost 2 gig!
    Sugarsync is burnig up my HD space

    I don't have much space left on my boot partition. Sugarsync is using over 1.7GB!

    How can I reduce this?




    • Amanda, Former Community Moderator

      Hi Bart-

      Can you please send us your log and audit files? I'm not sure why that folder has grown to that size.

      If possible, let me know when you send the logs so I can send them to our support engineer.

      Thank you!

    • Bart Bremmers

      Hi Amanda

      files have been sent

      Here is tree structure:

      The audit routine blew away another 1.2GB of my HD space!


    • Bart Bremmers

      I sent the files with the SugarSync utility "Send Log To SugarSync". Look at the file tree I posted on May 24, the audit file is 1.2GB!!

    • Bart Bremmers

      OK, I got Syed's post. I am uploading SugarSync folder to Web Archive, but it is over 2gig!. It will take a long time.


      Also, I only have 1.7gig left on this partition. As soon as I dragged the folder to Web Archive, SugarSync immediately began using up MORE HD space, right now I am down to 622MB, I am worried if SS keeps taking more HD space my system will crash

    • Bart Bremmers

      I got an error message "Unable to create file

      You are asking me to upload a folder to Web Archive, when my complaint is LOW HD space, that is bad advice. SS appears to create a temp file as big as the folder, well the folder is over 2gb and I only have 1.7 gb left! Luckily the SS routine was watching out for HD space or there would have been a crash.


      I am trying this again, the only way to make enough HD spce for the temporary file is to delete one of the big files in the SS folder, I am deleting \Local Settings\Application Data\SugarSync\large_file\sc\575276\1119827_1074944.!1119827_8412, 717,564kb

      The upload will take a long time

    • Amanda, Former Community Moderator

      Hi Bart-

      I'm sorry that this process has been a bit bumpy for you. I'll check in with Syed in the morning to see how things have progressed. Thanks for your cooperation.

    • Brian Bishop



      Did you ever get this resolved? I am having the same issue...I have over 60gb in the appdata folder and approaching my harddrive limit...





    • Bart Bremmers

      They told me to uninstall - that deletes all the data in appdata

      Then reinstall. During the reinstall you will see an option to keep the shared folder definitions, make sure that box is checked

      When SS is started, it will say it is syncing, but it is just comparing local files to those on their servers. I think that took an hour.

      Everything was fine after that

      • Bogdan DUMITRU Enescu

        Hello there, I have the same problem... However, at reinstallation I cannot find any option as to keep shared folder definitions... Could you please advice. Thank you in advance, Bogdan

    • L. Puig

      My problem is bigger...: the flder \...\tmp_cloud_area is about 10Gb big... too much for my system partition!


      How can I install Sugarsync in anotger partition than the default system partition?

      Thank you!

    • Bart Bremmers

      You didn't read my post properly

      "They told me to uninstall - that deletes all the data in appdata"

      When you uninstall, the 10G will be returned to you

    • Brian Bishop



      Thanks, that took care of the problem.



    • Scott Loree
       I have had the same problem - Sugarsync put 12.2GB of invisible files in the Appdata directory, and crashed my system partition! Thanks for the advice to uninstall, took 75 min to delete that much data, and now there is 12.4GB of space, and all is working again. Is this going to recur if I reinstall? It seems sugarsync does not cope well with adding new machines to the account - all was working well until I added a new desktop to my account. Not wanting to download 90GB of data over an ADSL connection, I transferred my synced folders via USB drive, and sugarsync choked, claiming I was over the storage limit. No new extra data was added! Possible that this is the cause of all the temporary files? Scott.
    • pwestcot _

      On the path C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\SugarSync\fslink.db, there is a file called "log.0000000005". it has grown to be about 10MB.

      If i just delete it to recover the space, what happens?

      will SugarSync gracefully recreate the file (taking up less space in the process), or have a heart attack?

      I don't have any files on SugarSync which aren't somewhere else also.

      • Amanda, Former Community Moderator
        @pwestcot - After running your question by one of our engineering managers, I would caution you to not delete that file. It could corrupt the SugarSync database and require you to uninstall and reinstall SugarSync Manager to get everything working again. All files in the folder (you've included the path in your post) should be left alone unless one of our agents determines that a specific file is safe to remove. Thanks for your post!