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    Moving Magic Briefcase folder
    Topic posted January 18, 2011 by labnol , last edited January 9, 2012
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    Moving Magic Briefcase folder
    Move to another folder?

    Is it possible to change the location of the Magic Briefcase folder?

    Basically, I want to move the "upload by email" folder to another folder so that Dropbox automatically saves email based uploads to that new folder.



    • SugarSync Product Management

      Hi - there is an existing thread for this request:

    • cjweb _

      I have successfully moved both the Magic Briefcase and the Mobile Photos folders to a different drive (eg; D Drive). They have been syncing without issue for nearly a year now.

      Here's how I managed it:

      1.) Close the SugarSync app.

      2.) Create the folder in your preferred location (EG; 'D:\My Documents\Magic Briefcase')

      3.) Delete the default Magic Briefcase folder that SugarSync created. (If it isnt empty - move the contents to your new location)

      4.) Restart SugarSync and click "Manage Sync Folders"

      5.) SugarSync won't be able to find your old Magic Briefcase folder and will prompt you for the location (Note: you may need to click the "Magic Briefcase" button to generate the "folder missing" error message)

      6.) Simply browse to the new folder that you created (EG; 'D:\My Documents\Magic Briefcase') and you're done!

      Hope this helps.

      • JNavas

        The better method is to relocate your My Documents to your D: drive before installing SugarSync. Then when SugarSync is installed it will create your Magic Briefcase folder in My Documents on your D: drive. If you wish, you can then drag Magic Briefcase to any other location on that drive while SugarSync is running in the background. (I dragged mine to the base folder of my Windows User Profile, where My Documents is located but outside of My Documents.)

    • Amanda, Former Community Moderator

      Hello all-

      I would strongly recommend against using cjweb's method for moving the Magic Briefcase to a different drive. It may work for some customers, but doing so can put your data at risk.


    • Stephen Miller

      Amanda... not real helpful (understatement) to strongly recommend AGAINST the suggested solution which was presented in good faith by cjweb, above, without offering (a) a solution of your own; and (b) why you feel data would be put at risk using the method in question.  

      Using the current beta version, I had zero problem moving the Magic Briefcase (apparently now called "My SugarSync") file.  Along the lines of cjweb...

      1. I moved all of my files out of the "My SugarSync" folder and placed them temporarily in another folder, nothing to do with SugarSync.

      2. I turned OFF syncing for the "My SugarSync" folder.

      3. I exited out of SugarSync completely.

      4. I deleted the "My SugarSync" folder which by default is placed in the "My documents" sub-folder.  Left it undisturbed in the trash can "just in case".

      5. I restarted SugarSync.  Went to the SugarSync app.  It still showed the "My SugarSync" folder even though it wasn't there anymore.  I went to Folder Info for that folder, and turned ON syncing.  It told me it couldn't find the folder (pretty smart software you have there...)

      6. It gave me two options... either create a new "My SugarSync" folder in a new location or merge with an existing file.  I chose the new location, placing it on my desktop.

      7. I then transferred my backed up files with the same structure, back inside this new "My SugarSync" folder.

      Since I had a backup of the data, I'm hard pressed to understand how I put my data at risk, unless you're just toeing (sp?) the company line, saying that to make sure if anyone does have a problem, you can say "I told you so".

      Anyway, it worked for me just fine.  I keep very few files in that folder, so no biggie...and like I say, I had a backup, and I could easily have restored the file itself from my trash can if something went wrong.

      fyi and fwiw