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    kmoberly _
    SS Manager Application Does Not Start at Startup
    Topic posted October 19, 2010 by kmoberly _ , last edited December 29, 2011
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    SS Manager Application Does Not Start at Startup
    When starting my PC or Laptop the SS Manager does not consistently start up and display in the system tray

    I have been trying to resolve this issue through support since early October.  Suddenly I'm not getting any response!!  Ref# #101001-000363

    Shortly after installing I began noticing the SS manager not starting when I turned on my pc or laptop.  It does not happen consistently.  Today, it did start on my laptop but not on my pc.  I have upgraded to the new version per tech support request and still no change.  I had also provided a log and audit files as well.

    I have to actually click on the shortcut in order to start the ss manager.  However, the first time I do this it displays the ss manager screen, but the Icon is still not in the tray.  I have to use File/Exit from SS manager and then click on the shortcut in order to properly load the SS manager. 

    I have noticed that if I "X" out of the SS manager, the Icon will continue to display.  However, if I use File/Exit the Icon disappears.

    Can anyone assist??  Does anyone else have a similar issue? 

    I'm actually not sure of the significance of this showing or not showing on start up since it does appear that changes to docs are backed up. 

    However, it also looks like SS will not scan for any changes on startup unless the application is started properly and shows in the system Tray.  This would seem significant for proper back up and syncing.




    • kmoberly _

      Is there anyone from SS prod Mgmt that can help me with this?  I still have not received any additional feedback from Support!

    • Scott Porter

      Sometimes when I boot my Windows XP system there is no SugarSync icon in the system tray.  It does appear that SugarSync Manager is running since I see SugarSyncManager.exe running in the Windows Task Manager.  If I launch the Manager, exit, then re-launch the icon appears in the system tray as expected.  Not sure why SugarSync is having trouble with the system tray icon at times.  This is definitely an annoyance since basic operation is driven from the system tray icon.

      Clicking on the close box (as you say "X out") just closes the window and doesn't exit the Manager.  This is expected behavior and is similar to how other apps work out of the system tray.

      • Admin

        Scott, could you please create a support request if this persists?  We'd like to figure out what's going on.

    • Allan Spencer-Stewart

      I love SugarSync but it often does not start when I boot up,.. I am experiencing the same problem on several different PCs.  Then when I manually start it... SugarSync keeps saying "SugarSync was installed on this PC previously, would you like to restore". I say "yes" and then it takes ages trawling through thousands of files to sync.  How can I force it to remember the intall and not keep redoing this every time I rebott?

    • Aron Lasky

      Does exactly the same to me.

      • Admin

        Aron, I'm not finding any support request from you on this.  If this is still a problem and you know you have your preferences set to run SugarSync upon Startup, then please submit a support request (Email support or Chat).  They'll want the log files from the computer having the problem.  Here are the instructions to send them through SugarSync Manager.

        This issue is usually very environment specific and can't be resolved in a forum topic.

      • Robert Hynes

        Same thing for me too ... ALWAYS have to login ... then confirm I want to sync, etc etc

    • SugarSync Product Management

      Make sure you have SugarSync Manager to "Auto start SugarSync Manager when my computer starts up".  To do this, make sure SugarSync is running, then click the system tray icon, and click Preferences.  If it doesn't start up with this checked, then please create a support ticket so we can help you figure this out.

      Allan - it sounds like you are clicking on the SugarSync installation file instead of the icon to start the SugarSync Manager application...  Try starting SugarSync from your programs / applications folder.

    • kmoberly _

      The issue of the icon not showing at start up continues to be an issue for me.  I have been working with support now for a couple of months with no resolution.  I am still very satisfied with SS and would continue to recommend to others.

      Hopefully this issue gets resolved.


      • Admin

        Keith, it looks like Support is working with the Engineering team to try and figure out what's happening in your specific case.  I'll see if we can get another update.  Thanks for your patience.

    • Tim John

      Hi, I'm running SugarSync on Windows 7 Pro x64 and every now and then, I find SugarSync hasn't started up with Windows. When I run it manually and check the preferences "Auto start SugarSync Manager when my computer starts up" is unchecked. I've decided to put a shortcut in my Startup folder to avoid further annoyance. Why would the option reset itself?

    • Jan Kriz


      My SugarSync Manager on my PC (Vista) is blocked by User Account Control at startup.  The Windows Help and Support says:

      "If a program that you want to run at startup is being blocked, check the publisher's website to see if there is an updated version of the program available that doesn't require permission or an administrator password to run."

      Any help? Thanks.



    • davidlooney _

      I can't get it to start either... i have the same problem on two of my comptuers :(... SS support doesn't know what's going on :(

    • Skip Slater

      same issue for me.................Even if I manually double click the SS mgr, it just doesn't start.  I tried uninstall/reinstall and that didn't help.