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    Casey Martin
    Two-Factor Authentication
    Topic posted March 6, 2013 by Casey Martin 
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    Two-Factor Authentication
    Implement Two-Factor Authentication

    Benjamin Brady first posted this feature request in what's now the "old sugarsync" forum so I thought I better post a similar feature request here.

    The recent hacking last week of Evernote and their subsequent speeding up of implementing their two-factor authentication proves what a disaster waiting to happen this is for all cloud-based file storage systems. If history has taught us anything, it's that such a hack is going to happen here sooner or later too and then we'll all be freaked out and you, sugarsync, will be scrambling to hasten your own implementation of this much-needed extra security. Instead of waiting for something to happen and reacting, let's be proactive and try to implement this BEFORE something happens.

    The SS2.0 UI is great, but our data is still more vulnerable than it needs to be.



    • raphsta _

      Any comment from the SugarSync team?


    • Jona Aben

      I cannot agree more with this request. Two-factor authentication is these days a must to prevent leakage of data when a system gets hacked. Instead of waiting till something happens Sugarsync should implement it first.

    • Cesar Gamez

      This feature is a must.

    • Ben Newport-Haysom

      Please use the google authentication app, and dropbox do and I dont want another app just for my key.

    • Thomas Wadden

      I agree, another layer of security would be great. Last pass and Google can be step to use two step authentication using google authenticator. This app generates a 6 digit number every minute or so that you ender as a second identification just like a rsa security token. 

    • kevindenkers _

      Another vote here to add  2-step authentication using google's authentication app.

      Please keep us posted on this.



    • SteveL

      Two-factor authentication isn't optional for me. I'm planning to move away from SugarSync to a service that offers better security. 

      Think about it: if someone manages to hack my account, they can delete all of my data that I have synced across my devices. I'm always thankful when I log in and find my data is still there. 

    • kevindenkers _

      I agree. I really like everything else about SugarSync. I would like to encourage you to make this a top priority. This could become the 1 and only reason I may look for another service.

      Thank you,

    • Joshua Welensky

      Hi Guys,

      Yes, I second the need for 2 factor authentication. With the multi-user business account that I have, 2 factor authentication is an expectation, not an optional feature.



    • kevindenkers _

      Hi SugarSync,

      Please at least let us know if this is something you plan on implimenting at some point, or if you don't plan on adding this extra layer of security to your service. Love everything else about SugarSync! Thanks.



    • raphsta _

      Any updates to this? Is this feature available????


    • Ken Haycock

      This is my biggest complaint about SUgarSync.  I would like the desktop app to ask for a pin or password in the same way as the mobile app.


      I would also like to apply additional password locks on directories (or even files) after they have been uploaded (a bit like cubby)