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    James Mikelis
    Can't upload files - stuck in pending upload state
    Topic posted August 13, 2011 by James Mikelis , last edited December 29, 2011
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    Can't upload files - stuck in pending upload state
    Sugarsync is no longer syncing my files with the web. I have 3 files stuck in pending upload state

     I've tried stopping/restarting SS and rebooting but the files won't upload. They are small images.

    What should I do?



    • dulus

      Same problems (or at least very similar) are in these threads and i bet there are more    ... AFAIK the only solution to prevent this (i had similar stuck in pending to upload issue), will be to reset the SugarSync local database/settings. Currently now i dont have time to search which isolated file(s) is responsible for data upload queue. So yoy can reset this settings by uninstalling SS and removing all files in "C:\Users\{your account name}\AppData\Local\SugarSync\" under win 7 which will be "C:\Documents and Settings\{your account name}\Local Settings\SugarSync\" under win XP. Then install SugarSync again. Unfortunately i do not have Mac so i cannot advice you in this manner. Remember that you have to set up your syncing folders again on new after doing this full reset.

    • Amanda, Former Community Moderator

      Hi James-

      Please let me know if the files are still stuck. I can open a support ticket for you.


    • Lynda Colter

      I too am having this problem.  It appears all my video files stick.  This is an issue since that is the main reason I choose SugarSync.  I have 4 days to resolve this or find another vendor. 


      I can't use the short-cut to restart because I already had SnagIt installed and SnagIt uses those short-cut keys.  So I don't know what to do.  I'm afraid to delete/reinstall because if I lose my connection to my files, I'm hosed!