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    pabuisson _
    [Solved] Stuck in "syncing folder changes"
    Topic posted August 14, 2011 by pabuisson _ , last edited December 29, 2011
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    [Solved] Stuck in "syncing folder changes"

    I'm using SS to sync files across 2 different computers. And it's been a while that my home computer keeps stuck on "Syncing folder changes" status (which means I got a message box asking me to confirm when I try to quit SugarSync). But when I check the "File transfer status", there's absolutely no pending upload/download file.

    That's not really annoying but I guess that's not the expected SugarSync behaviour ;)

    Any idea where it comes from (and maybe how I can restore a normal behaviour ?)




    • Edward Gorkes

      Exact same problem!  Tech support sent me several things to try, but none of them worked.  Now I do not even hear back from them!!

      • pabuisson _

        Oh really ? That's annoying... Well, I'll wait for an answer nonetheless. By chance, did you open a thread about your problem, where I could see the answers SugarSync staff gave you ? Thanks :)

      • Amanda, Former Community Moderator

        Hi Ed-

        I just escalated your ticket to a more senior agent. It looks like he's already contacted you. Please follow up with him when you get a chance.


    • dulus

      Same problems (or at least very similar) are in these threads and i bet there are more    ... AFAIK the only solution to prevent this (i had similar stuck in pending to upload issue), will be to reset the SugarSync local database/settings. Currently now i dont have time to search which isolated file(s) is responsible for data upload queue. So yoy can reset this settings by uninstalling SS and removing all files in "C:\Users\{your account name}\AppData\Local\SugarSync\" under win 7 which will be "C:\Documents and Settings\{your account name}\Local Settings\SugarSync\" under win XP. Then install SugarSync again. Unfortunately i do not have Mac so i cannot advice you in this manner. Remember that you have to set up your syncing folders again on new after doing this full reset.

      • pabuisson _

        Thanks for your answer. Not exactly the same as in the topics you quoted, as I can't see any uploading/downloading files in queue, but the core issue seems the same. I'll try reinstalling SugarSync from scratch, and see if things are getting better !

    • Palmer Eldritch

      I am having the same problem but I do not want to go through the pain of reinstalling SS and setting up my syncing folders again. There is clearly a bug someplace - please fix it - or at least provide a workaround less drastic than uninstalling. Which file exactly is to balme in : C:\Users\{your account name}\AppData\Local\SugarSync\ ?

      I'll add that sorting by priority in the files tranfer window does not work - HTH

      In general I am growing very disapointed - SS is very slow and I 've already spent some (*a lot of*) time wondering and googling - till I realised it was just a bug

      At some point SS thought I had overflown my quota - was this that choked it ?

      Please fix it !

      Release a bugfix release that rebuilds the queue or whatever it is

    • Emiliana Habibati

      im having the same problem, i uninstalled and installed SS but the problem stills

    • William Phelps

      I just got hit by this.  Added a new folder to the Briefcase at home, went in to work, looked at the Briefcase and the files are not there.  SS File Transfer Status shows nothing happening.  Rebooted PC, no change.  Started SS Manager again, looked for folder, it had vanished!  Did remote login to home PC, the folder was GONE!  Yipes!

      I found the entire folder in SugarSync's "deleted files" section and downloaded a copy, so thank goodness for that, otherwise I would have lost a couple of days work.

      Seems like there is a nasty bug - I hope SS Development finds it and fixes it soon!

    • Alexander Rechsteiner

      Same bug here. Also, the client often freezes for about 3-4 seconds saying (not responding...) in the window title.

      I also noticed that somehow SugarSync duplicated all my files and doubled my file use (from 5 to 10 gig). WTH? This is a messs...

    • Rajiv Kaushik

      I am having the same problem (using July 17,2012 build of SS manager, Win 7 64bit); I have reinstalled SS multiple time, but no joy. I can see on my work computer it says 0% of 254.63G used and after 12 hours it creeped up to 1.2% So obviously it is doing something. On my other computers it is normal showing usage to be 40%.


      Pls help.

    • Esteban _

      Is there any REAL solution??? I have tried everything...