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    Robert Kreisler
    Understanding 'Mobile Photos' and Sync
    Topic posted May 11, 2012 by Robert Kreisler , last edited May 22, 2012
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    Understanding 'Mobile Photos' and Sync
    Is this a 1-way synch only?

    I'm looking for a clarification on how SS works with photo synchronization on Android and PC.  I have uploaded my entire album(s), and set the application to synch all (photos, videos...) and then subsequently deleted a handful of images in the 'Mobile Photos' folder that I don't want using my PC and purged them from the recycle bin in the SS manager.

    However, those deleted photos still appear on my device in the album and widget.  Should they not have been deleted on the device as well when they were deleted from my PC?   I also added a few photos from my PC to the 'Mobile Photos' folder, but again, they don't appear on my handset.  So, it seems that only upstream 'synchronization' is happening, not a true synch.  Am I correct, or is there a bug or incorrect setting?

    Thanks in advance!




    • Amanda, Former Community Moderator

      Hi Robert-

      Thanks for your post.

      Syncing photos is a bit different when it comes to deletions. To delete a photo completely from your Android and PC you have to delete it on each device.

      That you're not seeing photos added to the Mobile Photos folder doesn't sound quite right. That should be a true two-way sync. I've opened a support ticket for you.

      • Robert Kreisler
        Amanda, we're coming up on two weeks now and I have not had any contact from tech support. The images placed in the mobile photos folder on my PC do appear in the SS website, but did not appear on my handset until I did a manual 'sync to device' action. However, they went into the 'My SugarSync Folders' directory, instead of where they ought to be - my phone's DCIM folder. I have to say I'm getting very frustrated.
    • Robert Kreisler

      Amanda, thanks for your reply.

      I think it would make sense for SS to be consistent in how it deals with file sychronizations across all media.  A system that works one way with some files and another way with others is confusing to the customer.

      On a side note, it's possible the reason the photos added to the Mobile Photos folder on my PC did not appear on my handset could have to do with the manner in which I did it.  Here's the sequence of events:

      • Move images from Mobile Photos to different folder on PC
      • Delete images from Mobile Photos folder
      • Delete images from handset (Android)
      • Edit photos on PC (crop, resize) keeping original file name
      • Copy photos back to Mobile Photos folder

      Is it possible that using the same file name is why the pictures are not being synched downstream?

    • Tibor J

      If the current behavior is modified would be nice to have an option not to modify camera pictures on Android phone so that I can safely delete photos from SS folder but still have them on phone.