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  • Daniel Tan
    can't sync files on D Drive4
    Topic last edited December 29, 2011 by Daniel Tan 
    can't sync files on D Drive
    D Drive not visible on Add Sync Folder, what do I do now?

    I am able to sync files on C Drive but just realised that D Drive is not visible on Add Sync Folder.

    I am running windows XP.

    pls help.

  • glnz
    Revert to 1 to select which folders sync where?1
    Topic posted March 31, 2014 by glnz 
    Revert to 1 to select which folders sync where?
    I am amazed how difficult Sugarsync has become.  I do not understand SS's philosophy - it's like being tortured. 
    SS's "how to" explanations are not good at all.
    1)  If I have my SS account and I put it on three computers and I want to sync some folders across computers A and B and some different folders across computers A and C and some yet different folders across computers A, B and C, can I do that with SS 2.0, or must I revert to SS 1.0?
    2)  Can I AVOID the S:/ drive on SS 2.0, or must I revert to SS 1.0?  I hate the S:/ drive.
    I have already read the "How to" pages on SS's web site, and they are NOT clear.
    What happened to SS?  I don't understand why this has become such a mess.


  • olivertwood _
    Remove from Transfer Queue?1
    Topic posted March 7, 2014 by olivertwood _ 
    Remove from Transfer Queue?
    I discovered I'm syncing a folder with thousands of GIT object files in it and I want it to stop!

    I discovered that 11000 git object files are clogging up my transfer queue.

    I've been into SS manager and removed the .git folder from the synced folders, but the thousands of items are still in the queue.

    Is there any way for me to get rid of them; I really don't need them synced!



  • Lee Newman
    SugarSync file sscbfs3.sys causing Blue Screen crashes
    Topic posted March 20, 2014 by Lee Newman 
    SugarSync file sscbfs3.sys causing Blue Screen crashes
    Consistent daily BSOD crashes due to SugarSync file sscbfs3.sys

    Starting several months ago, I started getting frequent BSODs on my PC (win7 pro 64bit).  I finally had time to look at the minidump logs (see attached) and every crash is caused by a pagefault error related to driver sscbfs3.sys which is a SugarSync driver. I tried reinstalling sugarsync (but not uninstalling first) and it still happens.   I am using the latest version o sugarsync   

    Besides stopping using sugarsync as a service, any way to fix this?  

  • Razu Ahad
    Can someone explain why downloads are so slow?
    Topic posted March 13, 2014 by Razu Ahad 
    Can someone explain why downloads are so slow?

    Is anyone else having issues downloading their work/files from the cloud onto their laptop/pc at really slow speeds? I setup a new laptop last week and SugarSync took far too long to download my files. It took several hours for the download of 6GB.

    In comparison, I have a Steam Account and downloading a game demo at 5GB takes only 45 minutes because it runs at 1.8MBps download.


    I understand uploads on an ADSL line WILL be slow, but download??

  • ligu _
    Sync doesn't work in folders below an NTFS junction1
    Topic posted July 10, 2011 by ligu _ 
    Sync doesn't work in folders below an NTFS junction
    Sync doesn't work in folders below an NTFS junction


    A usual scenario on Vista an Win7 is to move user contents from c:\Users to a different drive, to separate system and user data. A common practice is to move c:\Users\xxx to a different drive, e.g. d:\Users\xxx, and creating an NTFS junction at c:\Users\xxx which points to d:\Users\xxx.


    1. After installing SugarSync, sync in Magic Briefcase (MB) doesn't work.

    a. If I drag'n'drop a file to MB folder, SugarSync doesn't detect it, and doesn't sync it to the cloud. It doesn't shows up in SugarSync File Manager (SFM).

    b. If I drag'n'drop a file to MB in SFM, the file shows up in SFM, sync to the cloud, but doesn't shows up in MB folder.

    2. I've created two Test folders on desktop ( c:\Users\xxx\Desktop\Test5 and Test6 )

    a. If I add Test6 folder to SugarSync from desktop context menu, sync doesn't work. The same symptoms as with MB.

    b. If I do this adding with navigating in explorer to d:\Users\xxx\Desktop\Test5, and using the context menu there, then sync works. Even if I drop files in the Test5 folder on desktop (which "go" through the junction). This could be a good workaround, the problem is that this way the Test5 folder on desktop and it's contents doesn't show the sync status on file icons, can't notice which file is under sync. (See attached pic)



    - Is this a known bug?

    - Is it planned to fix SugarSync to handle directory junctions?

  • Filip Aulin
    Missing right-click SugarSync menu2
    Topic last edited December 29, 2011 by Filip Aulin 
    Missing right-click SugarSync menu
    SugarSync menu not showing when right-clicking a file in Windows Explorer on Mac

    Windows is running on 'Parallels' on OS X 10.5.8. When clicking a file while holding cmd down the right-click menu shows, but without the SugarSync option (Show Versions, Get Public Link etc.). A restart did not help.

    Please advise.



  • chhi _
    How to Exclude files?28100%
    Topic last edited May 15, 2012 by chhi _ 
    How to Exclude files?
    Exclude files,not folders,how to do?

    I know that folders can be excluded,but how to Exclude files? some file that I had known its name, it is too large,Constantly changing,but useless.

  • Mark KNS
    Sugarsync won't sync selected folders4
    Topic last edited December 29, 2011 by Mark KNS 
    Sugarsync won't sync selected folders
    Sugarsync won't sync selected folders



    I just installed Sugarsync today. After select the folders that I want to sync, Sugarsync won't start to sync at all.

    For example:


    I choose the folder Documents in my Mac. On site show shows the folder Documents, but completely empty. The file transfer status shows absolutely nothing. 


    I tried to reinstall but without sucess.


    Please someone help me!!!! 

  • euphr8er
    SugarSync consistently crashes or disconnects3100%
    Topic posted August 10, 2012 by euphr8er 
    SugarSync consistently crashes or disconnects

    MBP Retina

    OS X 10.8

    SugarSync 1.9.72


    Whenever my macbook pro wakes from sleep, SugarSync will show as disconnected. If I quit and relaunch SS, it will always connect. I don't run any antivirus, and my OS X firewall has SS added as an exception. SS sometimes disconnects while my computer is running, or crashes altogether and disappears from the menubar. Sometimes when I relaunch, it will ask me for my credentials again, almost like it's a new install. I've never seen this behavior before a few weeks ago (been using SS for years). I created a support ticket weeks ago, sent my logs, but have not been provided any solutions.

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